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Why Choose Dynamite Boxing?
Here's what some of our member's are saying........

The Dynamite Boxing Club has made me stronger for hockey. I come to work hard and have fun.Justin, Age 14

Dynamite Boxing has made me one of the happiest stay-at-home mother's ever! Exercise had made me more confident, the club has given me friends, and I am proud of what I can do. Shane & Laura have changed my life forever.Nicole, Age 28

Over the last 2 years this club has done so much for me. I can honestly say this is my second home. My coaches Shane & Laura have taught me everything about life, took me in, and basically took care of me as their own child. I love this club with everything and I love the group that is with it. They have taught me so much and supported me through my fights & losing weight. I would like to thank coaches Shane & Laura for everything and coach Ginnie Brown for teaching me more advanced techniques.
Bo Sing, Age 19

Coach Shane is a great coach that you never want to let down. He gives you motivation & support to acheive your goals.Dave, Age 35

I am a phys. ed teacher and got bored with all other workouts. Boxing has been a lot of fun and a great, hard workout. My fitness levels in strength, power, endurance, speed and flexibility have all improved. My aches and pains are disappearing as well! I am feeling younger and have more energy. My wife enjoys the classes too and it is a great way for us to workout together.Lloyd, Age 54

Dynamite Boxing Club saved me from making bad choices in my life, they saved my life. The club started making me live a healthier life and it made me feel good about myself. I love all of the people from the club.Chen, Age 16

I enjoy coming for good, hard & fast paced training and discipline.
David, Age 30

Dynamite inspired confidence in my everyday life. This club promises top of the line training in an encouraging atmosphere and it offers the strongest fellowship of any club in the city. During my short time at Dynamite, I have experienced previously unimaginable improvements in my fitness and personal well-being.Greg, Age 18

Like having a personal trainer at every session. I lost 20lbs. in 16 weeks! I am in better shape at 45 than I was at 30. Great environment, everyone makes you feel like you belong.Brian, Age 45

Dynamite has put me in the best shape of my life. The people are great and easy to get along with and the training is great.Brett, Age 17

Fun, intense, motivational, challenging and powerful. Shane is a great coach. He inspires me to do my best and to never give up. Great way to let go of stress and feel good at the end.Michele, Age 27

Excellent fitness development for all walks of life.Patrick, Age 24

Fun, intense, challenging, lots of variety, and immediate cardio & strength results. Highly recommended. Anyone can do this!Jackie, Age 54

Dynamite Boxing has boosted my confidence immensely. I love the training and I feel stronger and in the best shape of my life.Billy, Age 16

Shane is a great motivator and very intense which makes for a great workout. Extreme and fun at the same time. Shane is a great teacher and coach, the proof is in his students. I look forward to each class and appreciate his patience considering I am a new student.Melissa, Age 27

Great coach and a lifetime role model. The training is life-changing.
Rob, Age 19

Many thanks to Ginnie Brown of Bowmont Boxing Club for all of her support and encouragement. We owe much of our success to her direction, guidance & friendship.
Thank you Ginnie.
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Brent Thompson,
Former Head Coach 
of the Alaska Aces,
 has a new position with
The New York

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Ranked #1
ECHL Mountain Division


You don't need luck when you've got a Thompson!

Great Job Head Coach!

Alaska Aces Head Coach 
Brent Thompson 
was awarded the 
ECHL Coach of the Year Award for 2011!

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